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Papers On Human Services, Social Work & Family Issues
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Critique of Client Presented with Multiple Substance Abuse, Physical and Mental Health Problems
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This is a 5 page paper giving a critique of a client who was assessed with multiple substance abuse, physical and mental health problems. A client was presented to the counseling team who was assessed to have multiple substance abuse, physical and mental health problems. The female client is 25 years of age, of Hispanic origin, homeless and currently unemployed. Assessment of the client found that she is HIV positive, bipolar, has a sexual addiction and also abuses cocaine and alcohol. The client was uncooperative during initial assessment with the counselor. In a critique of the client, it must be determined the possible causes of her afflictions and to what end the counseling team can offer assistance through an education of her symptoms. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJclienC1.rtf

Cultural Competence
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The definition and basic reason for human services is the need for social cooperation and assistance. This 7 page paper identifies and discusses a number of issues that are of importance for the worker involved in working for an agency such as Suffolk's County Children And family Services. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KTcutcom.rtf

Culturally Competent Social Work Among Malaysian Women That Have Immigrated to the U.S.
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A 14 page paper reviewing the importance of recognizing communication characteristics among Malaysian women. This paper reviews the various factors that affect these women's communication. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PPswMala.rtf

Dating and Mate Selection in Turkey and the United States: The Decline of the Arranged Marriage
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A 5 page discussion of the cultural variations which exists between these two cultures in regard to dating and marriage. This paper analyzes the concept of family initiated or arranged marriages, noting that this was common in both the U.S. and Turkey during earlier years in history. The practice has practically died out now in the United States but is still a component of contemporary Turkish culture. Even Turkish tradition, however, is giving way to modern influences and ideologies in regard to the family. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPmrgTrk.rtf

Definitions and Concepts of Family
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A 5 page discussion of the concept of family. Provides sociological definitions and views of the concept of family. Cautions that the traditional concept of family, while it may have been accurate for particular cultures at a particular time period, is one which was never applicable across all cultures and time periods. Contrasts examples from mainstream American culture with traditional Indian culture to illustrate this point. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPfamily.wps

Demography Of Aging: Impact Upon Life, Job And Society
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3 pages in length. As the baby boomers converge upon retirement age and beyond, they bring into focus just how inadequate the 'system' truly is in relation to health care and economic security. The burden of responsibility must fall somewhere if government programs are not capable of sustaining this larger than normal group of elderly; in this particular situation, adult children are being handed the weight whether they are prepared for it or not. Dubbed the sandwich generation, adult children of baby boomers have an unprecedented and daunting task in that their longer living parents and their own children must be cared for simultaneously, placing tremendous burden upon finances, emotions and resources. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLCagingdem.rtf

Department Of Health And Human Services - Long Beach
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A 10 page paper that discusses this department, which is one of three city-operated health departments in the state of California. The writer outlines and discusses the organizational hierarchy, the different bureaus within this Department of Health and Human Services and the committees and councils that are associated with the department. The writer uses the department's mission statement, a memo to the staff regarding healing in the wake of September 11 and the qualifications of the Director to draw conclusions regarding leadership strategies. Bibliography list 7 sources.
Filename: PGHHlngb.rtf

Department Of Social Services: Children And Domestic Violence
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7 pages in length. Children are often the unwitting victims of domestic violence, even though they are not the specific targets of the spouse's anger. Statistics show that in America, a child is reported abused or neglected every thirteen seconds, which equates to more than two point seven million children each and every year. This figure, more than three times as many as was reported in 1980, reflects a disturbing trend toward uncontrolled acts of domestic violence. Employing the interventionist services of the Department of Social Services (DSS) as a means by which to circumvent further physical and emotional destruction is imperative if the child is going to develop a healthy sense of self. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TLCDSSch.rtf

Deportation and the Fracture of the Family:
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This 5 page paper analyzes how deportation affects families and the consequences to the family unit. This paper furthermore highlights the role of the social worker and his/her role in easing the impact of deportation on the family. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: GSDeport.rtf

Depression vs. Normal Aging Process
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This 5 page paper provides an overview of existing views regarding the nature of the normal aging process. This paper considers whether the manifestation of emotions and social changes in elderly individuals are the result of depression or a part of the normal aging process. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: MHAging5.rtf

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This 4-page paper examines developmental disabilities and ageing, and determines potential societal policies on how to deal with both of these issues. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: MTdevdis.rtf

Developmentally Disabled Children & Adoption
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A 6 page research paper that explores the issues involved with adoption of developmentally disabled children. The writer argues that while there have been improvements in government assistance in recent years, examination of this topic shows that there is room for improvement, as adoption of developmentally disabled children is still lengthy, complicated and expensive. More government support and assistance towards the goal of adopting disabled children would certainly increase the number of such adoptions taking place. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: khdisad.rtf

Deviance and Mental Wellness: A Case Study of Interpersonal Conflict and Resolution
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This 9 page paper provides an overview of a case studyof an interpersonal conflict based on the relationship with a sibling with mental illness and a physical disability. This paper integrates a view of the interpersonal and relational conflicts that exist and the process of resolution. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: MHFamPro.rtf

Diagnosing and Labeling the Mentally Ill / 18th & 19th Century Views
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An in-depth 12 page research paper on how poorly the mentally-ill were treated during the 18th and w19th centuries when terms such as "loony" and "insane" were common. Some of the ridiculous ideas from those years pertaining to how mental illness was caused are explored as well (i.e., partying, masturbation, criminal activity, etc;). Key historic figures involved in mental health labeling are identified and the writer presents some of the more common atrocities known to be found in the asylums of yesteryear. Excellent analysis is provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Mentillh.wps

Different Perspectives of Socialization within Society and The Development of the Concept of Self
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This is a 7 page paper discussing the different perspectives of socialization in society in relation to self-image and adaptation. Socialization for individuals within society takes place from different perspectives as members of society change their roles throughout their lives and must learn the different socialization tactics related to each new role they adopt. Children and adolescents learn from the failures and successes within the socialization process which helps them to adapt to new stressful situations in addition to developing their self-image. Success in the socialization process creates a positive self-image whereas failures in the socialization process may lead to negative self-image. In addition to members within society adapting to new roles, which also include joining organizational institutions which use a variety of socialization tactics for newcomers, people from other cultures also have to learn various tactics for socialization within their new society. Sociologists advocate that society has developed a great many inequalities in the divisions between groups which exist and depending on the success or failure of adaptation through socialization, newcomers in societies will also form concepts of their self-image which may or may not allow them to conform and cross societal divisions. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJSocex1.rtf

Distinctions Between Child Abuse and Traditional Practices?
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A 10 page consideration of what constitutes child abuse. The author defines child abuse and describes some of the traditional practices that are considered abuse from a Western perspective. The emphasis is made that when a child is being psychologically or physically harmed the interest of that child must outweigh that of the traditional culture. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: PPchdUnv.rtf

Divorce Among People Between the Ages of 25-35
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An 11 page (10 pp. + 1 pg. outline) paper which examines why people of this age group divorce, with the emphasis primarily on the couples, not the children (although the effects on the children are discussed). Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: TGdivorce.rtf

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This paper examines theories pertaining to how long it takes for a child to recover from the divorce of his or her parents. The paper also discusses the theory that a divorce, no matter how amicable, is traumatic for the child. Some suggestions are made on how to make a divorce easier on a child. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: MTchildi.rtf

Divorce and Its Effects on Children
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A 5 page paper discussing divorce and its effects on children. Specifically contrasts the differences between its effect on younger children and on adolescents. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: Divochil.wps

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